Meike and the Microbiome Bunch *New Book Release*

Did you know that we more bacteria on and in us than we have cells that make up our body? Estimates of bacteria to human cell ratio varies from 1:1 to 10:1.  Our bodies are a chimera of human and bacteria.  Just in the digestive system alone, or the “Big Colon” there are 100 trillion bacteria populating it.  One teaspoon of stool outnumbers the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The microbiome helps our body in more ways than we realize.  Our bodies have adapted to this internal and external environment that abuts our cell lining.  The microbiome has earned a designation of “honorable organ,” with its weight of 2-6 lbs.  Other important organs weigh about the same (LIKE THE BRAIN!).


Meike (MI-KAY) is a microbial journalist reporting the events that occur in and on our body.  She introduces children to a universe of bacteria on each and every one of us.  She explains what are factors that promote harmony and how bacteria can cause infection.  She introduces children to the microbiome in each of the systems of the body.

Children will familiarize themselves with the microbiome and some of the ways that bacteria grow.  The story will open their eyes to how our health affects our microbiome and how we can be stewards of it.  The book has a few fun features in it, that I am sure kids will love, including cute bacterial caricatures and artwork, a gallery of the microbiome bunch, and a sneak peak of the sequel, which I am sure will leave your child fascinated.

About the Authors:

The book was written by Christopher Cirino and Alicia Scheffer-Wong, a long-time frined and colleague.  Back in college, we were microbiology majors and lab-rates together.  I am grateful to have collaborated with her on this.  Already decades in our careers, I am an infectious diseases specialist and Founder of Your Health Forum and Alicia is an entrepreneur and microbiome expert (POOP!) with her company Floragraph Inc.

Please support our cause to make microbiology exciting (we already know that it is important!) and accessible to children and adults alike.

The book can be purchased on Amazon either in a Kindle Ebook ($6) or paperback ($9).



Meike in her office preparing for her report

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